I wanted to thank you for all your help and support as well as your wisdom provided through this coaching program.

You are helping me keep focus on what is important.

You are a terrific coach with a beautiful balance between intuition and knowledge, and you know when to use which one. I feel blessed and privileged to have you as my coach.

Isabelle Therrien

Hi. I’m Marleen.

And I’m a Certified Life Coach with over a decade of direct experience with clients working one-on-one. In fact, I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of personal clients since the early 2000’s.

I believe, like you, that every part of a person’s life affects the whole – which is why I incorporate a holistic approach into my coaching style. People say I have an innate ability to listen and that my gift of intuition provides a place for my clients to share in confidence and trust. But the most defining characteristics about me—as a coach—are that I’m open-minded, open-hearted and genuinely approachable. I won’t judge you for the choices you make, in fact, I’ll applaud you. They are your choices. Let’s just find out how they’re working out for you…

As your coach, I’ll push you and challenge you, but in ways you haven’t experienced before because I’ll be challenging your thinking, your beliefs, and anything else that has a grip on you that keeps you stuck. You see, I’m passionate about personal growth and development. And if you are too, I just might be the perfect coach for you.

Part of my background includes being a part of the core team of some of the most highly-acclaimed personal development organizations in the world, including Peak Potentials Training. I worked alongside T. Harv Eker as core support staff, facilitator and event organizer for numerous workshops and events throughout North America, and I can honestly say those were some of the greatest learnings of my life. I’ve worked with thousands of people at those events – coaching and supporting them through major life transformations.

And throughout my personal development career, I’ve learned from some of the most well respected speakers and trainers including: Brian Tracy, Jay Abraham, Dr. Michael Beckwith and Jim Rohn.

In addition to this hands-on training, I bring you years of marketing-related experience as I worked as Promotions Director at a top-rated radio station in my mid-twenties. I bring over ten years experience in sales and marketing to my clients.

I’m also a mom to two beautiful girls who are my greatest teachers and I’ve been blessed to experience world travel throughout 12 countries, including lengthy durations in South America and India.

If you’re ready to invest in your life, to experience deep and lasting change, and you want to say ‘yes’ to recreating your life, then I’m the coach for you.


Marleen Payne is one of our resident Sacred Gifts™ Certified Guides. If you’re ready, really ready, to discover a part of yourself that is aching to come out, consider taking the next step with Marleen.

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