Leagh planted the first seeds within me of life as it’s meant to be lived; HAPPILY. It took some time for me to “own” the concepts that Leagh taught me but every one of them was absolutely correct and they’ve changed my life dramatically for the better.

Blaine Lentz

Hi. I’m Leagh.

I’m here to help you create a more Fun, Fulfilling and Prosperous life.

I’ve been a Business and Life Coach for 10 years, and have helped hundreds of individuals and businesses learn to focus on what is most important… Them!

As a Coach I do what I love and get inspired when I witness my clients BE, DO and HAVE more than they ever thought possible. 

I help people find their inspiration, become better leaders, and make great changes in all areas of their lives.

My clients experience both immediate and long term benefits in the important areas of their lives including higher incomes, more time off, better relationships, strong leadership and communication skills plus a sense of peace from living in alignment with their values.

Let me help YOU live the life you dream of! I’ll give you the tools and on-going support to reach fulfillment in all areas of your life.

                             Contact me today and get ready for an Inspired Life… YOUR LIFE!

If you know you are serious about getting the help you need to finally move forward in your life, career or business, I’d be happy to have a complimentary chat with you. In just 15 minutes you would get a feel for me, how coaching works, and what might be possible for you. (So you can make a great decision.)

100% money-back, guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with any particular session.

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