Annette, I am so grateful that you have been put on my path. Your coaching, encouragement, wisdom and beautiful heart are a true testament that you embody your Sacred Gifts. I have benefitted for years from your guidance and wise counsel. You’re never afraid to be straight with me and to say what I may not want to hear but need to hear.  You have been a total blessing for me. I fly straighter and stronger with you under my wings.

Monique MacDonald

Founder, Discover Your Sacred Gifts

I’ve worked with Annette on multiple projects and it’s pure bliss for me. She treats my projects as her own, communicates in a clear, caring and confident manner, and knows what needs to get done, by when and delivers. Most importantly to me, she’s attentive and respectful of my vision. I love every minute of working with her.

Julie Anne Christoph

Creator of the Change Revolution Program, The Change Revolution

Annette has a unique way of taking a bare-bones vision and not only effortlessly translating it into an actionable plan, but also step-by-step manifesting that plan into reality. She will go above and beyond to support a vision, mission and purpose that she believes in AND the person or people who are creating it. For me personally, her participation and input creates the stability I need to remain focused and committed on my own Hero’s Journey.

Anna Margolis

Luminous Leader and Business Strategist, Conscious Changes

Annette Sharpe has an uncommon and incredibly valuable combination of talents: strong organizational and logistical background, exceptional communication skills, highly creative problem-solver, natural coach and great team member, all embraced by an open heart and a clear mind. In the very first conversation I had with her, I told her employer what an exceptionally talented person she was and how I’d love to have her on my team in any project I had. Simply said, she is an awesome professional and a marvelous human being. She is constantly striving for clarity and balance, two qualities essential for any successful business and relationship. I wholeheartedly recommend Annette!
Bruce Cryer

co-CEO,, Founder, Vybrato, former CEO, HeartMath, Wholelife Network

Annette is a powerful change-maker and movement-inspirer.  She listens for the heart of the matter and zeros in on the opportunity for growth, but what makes Annette truly unique is her ability to have what should be ’tough conversations,’ with such ease. She navigates communication with a deep respect and compassion for those she coaches, guiding you to places you may not have been willing or able to look before. I’ve never found the limit of her care, patience and perseverance — she draws upon a seemingly endless source. I am truly grateful for what Annette has brought to my life, in helping me achieve some of my biggest dreams and aspirations.

Allison J. Bran

Founder & Marketing Strategist, REX IMAGE Marketing & Design

My name is Annette Sharpe.

And if you’re anything like me, you have big goals, a huge vision, and lots of enthusiasm. I work with visionaries who need help with the nitty-gritty planning and execution of their big dreams. Which, I imagine, is why you’re here.

I have a feeling you and I have a lot in common.

When you’re a big idea person, you need someone to dig into the heart of your product and brand and make it come alive. You need a team member to share your ideas with: someone who can help you put a strategy in place, perfect your products, create the marketing strategy and provide the objective sounding board you need to sort through whatever ‘stuff’ is in your head, so that you can get your ideas out there in the world.

Someone who has been there before.

The people I work with are people like you: those with big ideas, conscious products, and huge hearts. Leaders who want to give back and who are ‘in it’ because they love it.

Like I do.

You see, even though I’m an entrepreneur, I’m not always the big idea person, and I’m okay with that.

I make YOUR ideas come to life.

I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my life, but it wasn’t always that way. Consider the wealth of information that I learned by working behind the scenes with some of the ‘big names’ in the industry (like T. Harv Eker, Anna Margolis, Julie Anne Christoph, and Monique MacDonald).

I’ve been a part of various teams which has taught me a lot about how to create a meaningful, passion-filled business from the ground-up.

But I’m not just a project manager.

I’m a strategist, your sounding board, and fully invested in your success (both personally and professionally).

OK, so I had that one brief foray into being a pole dancer.

My first ‘real job’ out of university was with Peak Potentials Training, with T. Harv Eker. I worked on the marketing team and eventually transitioned into being one of the first three coaches in their SuccessTracs program. There, I coached over 200 individuals one-on-one in a three year period while we grew that program to over 2000 members.

Shortly thereafter, I was recruited by a pole dancing company called A Pole Lot of Fun, to be their Support Director, where I coached the 300 businesswomen who were making a living putting on pole dancing parties in women’s living rooms across North America.

(This was when pole dancing was trending as a way to build self-confidence for women. It was a ton of fun. But I wasn’t very good at it!)

However, it was over this 5 year period in my mid-twenties when I had some of the greatest learnings of my entire life.

After my pole days, I got really serious about finding my personal passion and doing what makes my heart sing.

And so, I got really good at marketing (my husband is the founder and CEO of Brandspank Retailer Marketing) and learned more about patience, self-acceptance and going with the flow (I’m a mom to two amazing girls – I’m really very, very blessed).

Then, it was time to put my entrepreneur hat on.

In 2008, I created a coaching system (think goals and achievement) to use with high-level clients (authors, CEOs, visionaries, etc), and built this company: a multi-coach coaching company called Growing For Success.

Because I wanted to give clients a place to get everything in one place: a one-stop-shop for business, so-to-speak.

But the whole premise was always about creating a LIFE you love, while earning a profit.

And I still use the system with my clients today.

You can take a look at the system here.

Since then, I’ve worked agency-side in marketing, created culture-building programs and accountability systems for small businesses, built and delivered corporate training programs, written content for various programs, and have worked as project manager and production manager on multiple accounts.

Projects are my ‘thing’. But I’m happiest when YOU’RE HAPPY.

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