In the world of goal setting, there are many tips and tricks that work to having you achieve the results you want AND feel good during the process. Below are 8 simple tips that will help you to achieve your goals.

1.   Make sure you are setting ACTIONS instead of RESULTS intentions

You can only be responsible for actions that you can take. When you write down your intentions, make sure you are focusing on the steps you can take, that are within your control.

2.   Write down your goals in the present tense – as though they have already happened

Make sure you BELIEVE what you are writing down. If there is any doubt, change the intention.

3.   Use the KISS method (keep it stunningly simple)

It’s better to set an intention that seems WAY too easy to achieve than to set an intention that sets you up for disappointment. Focus on stretching yourself out of your comfort zone, AND make sure that the stretch is an ACHIEVABLE ACTION.

4.   Keep checking in with yourself regularly to make sure you still feel aligned with what you say you want

Go back to what you’ve written down. Check-in with your feelings and energy level. Are you aligned with your intention or just pushing for the sake of getting it done?

5.   Remember nothing is set in stone when it comes to intention setting because life happens!

Please don’t force an issue if it isn’t happening. If something’s not working, take a breather and re-evaluate. Or if a new opportunity is presented to you, take the time to look at it and to feel into it. You may feel you need to act on it. There’s still learning there – regardless of how it turns out. Focus on the learning.

6.   Failure is getting one step closer to achieving what you want

If you find yourself beating yourself up about not achieving an intention, stop doing that, and surrender to the process. The most important thing you can do it to keep your eyes on your vision. HOW they get there doesn’t matter as much. The question is, are you in alignment? Do you feel like your life has meaning and purpose? Are you happy with your direction? Are you using your gifts?

7.  Set your intentions every three months

Three months is a realistic time-frame in which to test an intention, take necessary action, and see your progress. Mid-way through the quarter, go through your intentions and cross off anything that is no longer a commitment and make any adjustments that are necessary.

The whole point here is to set yourself up to win. It’s better to have all check-marks at the end of the quarter than to have unfinished items on the list. Be realistic.

8.   Celebrate wins – acknowledge your progress and celebrate your successes (no matter how small)

It’s easy to breeze through successes and to overlook the importance of celebrating your wins, but please don’t rip yourself off. Find a way to celebrate and acknowledge the movement and progress you are making in your life, no matter how small. What could you acknowledge as a success that you’ve overlooked over the past 3 months? What will you do to celebrate?


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