Sacred Gifts are unexplained abilities that we have from birth to death that allow us to do ordinary things, extraordinarily well.

 When you know and understand your gifts, and the gifts of your team, you’ll reap the rewards in more ways than one.

  • Better Collaboration: Embrace your gifts and those in others, and let go of the things that drain your energy
  • More Clarity: to know where you’re going and why you’re going there
  • Increased sense of purpose: Know the impact you’re making and retain top talent
  • Increased productivity: Let go of the tasks that are outside of your genius zone and get more out of your team
  • More ENERGY: By aligning who you are with WHY you’re doing it

Knowing what your Gifts are gives you permission to do the things that give you energy and are of MOST BENEFIT to others, and allows you to let go of the things that simply suck the life right out of you.

That means, you’ll feel happier, more fulfilled, and more on purpose in your life.

And you’ll thrive in your business (and your life) because you’ll be operating at your absolute full capacity.

So you can let go of the things that you may have thought you ‘should’ be doing, and let others with those gifts do those things instead (without guilt, shame or blame).

You’ll find ways to embrace the things in your life that you may have thought were impossible, because you’ll see them through a whole, new lens.

And you’ll walk away knowing, without a doubt, what your gifts are, why you’re here, and how to foster those gifts in others.

I loved this course and would definitely recommend it.  I was surprised by some of the gifts that I learned I have, and others I knew I had, but had forgotten about them due to life circumstances (I’m a mom of 3).  I’m excited to re-prioritize using the gifts I’d long forgotten about, and to make a point of letting go of any guilt I have about the gifts that I don’t have.  It was an eye-opening experience and I loved the discernment process.

Marysia Riverin - Group Participant

Spiritual Care, CHEO

The Next Group Program Starts:  Tuesday, October 9th

We’ll meet online on the following dates on ZOOM at 10am Pacific Standard Time, for 60 minutes per session. 

  • Tuesday, October 9
  • Tuesday, October 16
  • Tuesday, October 23
  • Tuesday, October 30

Once you sign up, all details will be sent to you via email.

** In between sessions, you’ll have some coursework to do. Expect approximately 2 hours of learning time in between live sessions.

* Only $197 CAD for 4 live GROUP sessions and all program materials when you register before October 5, 2018.*

It's not about finding your purpose. It's about Feeling On Purpose.

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