August 2018: 4-Session Group Program

I loved this course and would definitely recommend it.  I found myself excited about what I was learning and even felt compelled to share it with my husband!  I was surprised by some of the gifts that I learned I have, and others I knew I had, but had forgotten about them due to life circumstances (I’m a mom of 3).  I’m excited to re-prioritize using the gifts I’d long forgotten about, and to make a point of letting go of any guilt I have about the gifts that I don’t have.  It was an eye-opening experience and I loved the discernment process. Marysia Riverin - Group Participant

Spiritual Care, CHEO

Discover Your Sacred Gifts Group Program: In The Comfort of Your Own Home

How would you like to feel more purposeful and alive right now?

I mean, really… how would you like to stop trying to figure it all out and instead KNOW YOURSELF well enough to make decisions with confidence, clarity and ease?

What if you could shift the way you feel on the inside without having to make major changes or create huge upheaval in your life?

(Let’s be honest, not many people look forward to drastic changes like that.)

Imagine knowing, in your heart of hearts, that what you are doing actually MATTERS in the world…

Imagine knowing the kind of impact you can make in other’s lives – and as a result, feel more fulfilled in the process…

I can show you how.

By joining me in Discovering Your Sacred Gifts, I can help you to shift the way you see your life so that you can make choices that will put you back on track (not necessarily the drastic, turn-your-life-upside-down changes that you might be thinking you need to make… although there are some people who actually choose to do that.)

The first step towards the clarity and confidence that you’re looking for, begins with discovering and embracing your Sacred Gifts.

And you can do that, by joining me in my next LIVE 4-session group program.

You can expect:

  • More CLARITY – to KNOW your next step and make decisions that are right for you and for your business
  • More SELF-CONFIDENCE – to step into your gifts and share them with the world (and get out of your own way, already)
  • More FOCUS to get things done by embracing what you’re great at, and letting go of things you aren’t
  • More ENERGY – because when you ‘live in your gifts’ you naturally feel more alive

In this 4-part course, you’ll learn:

What Sacred Gifts are, and what they aren’t

Which Sacred Gifts you have, and which ones you don’t

What to do once you know your Sacred Gifts

And how to feel on purpose in your life and your work – right away


You’ll wake up to parts of you you have forgotten, and find parts of you you might not have known exist.

The freedom this brings could mean the difference between confidently stepping into your best life, or continuing to aimlessly search for your passion and purpose.

If you’re ready for a mind-shift, then you’re ready to Discover Your Sacred Gifts. And I can’t wait to help guide you through this life-changing program.

The Next Group Program is Set for August 2018

We’ll meet online on the following dates at 10am Pacific Standard Time, for 60 minutes per session.

  • Wednesday, August 8 2018
  • Wednesday, August 15 2018
  • Wednesday, August 22 2018
  • Wednesday, August 29 2018

** In between sessions, you’ll listen to the audio program at your own pace and go through some simple exercises to help you discern your Gifts. Expect approximately 2 hours of ‘listening time’ in between live sessions. 

* Only $247 CAD for 4 live sessions and all program materials. *

Mark your calendar for now. All course materials and communication will arrive via email once you sign up.

If you want to get started sooner, you can work with a Guide, one-on-one.

Oh, and make sure you hop over to my Facebook Page to introduce yourself, and let me know what you’re most excited to learn.


It's not about finding your purpose. It's about Feeling On Purpose.

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